Is Elite One, LLC a membership organization?
      No. Elite One, LLC is a social change company that provides high quality events, programs, and services that are open to all youth soccer players, regardless of their current affiliations with other entities. Teams are not charged a membership fee to participate in the Elite One Cup.
      What is a social change company?
      A social change company works to improve human interactions and relationships while transforming institutions. Elite One, LLC is committed to serving a unified youth soccer landscape that works together for the benefit of all to best grow and improve participation. Elite One, LLC fulfills this commitment by providing innovative and quality experiences, reducing unnecessary costs and barriers to participation, and remaining open to all youth soccer players.
      How is the Elite One Cup youth soccer's one true national championship?
      Some organizations in the youth soccer landscape currently offer national championships that are open only to their members. The Elite One Cup is youth soccer’s one true national championship because it is open to all teams regardless of affiliations or memberships. Elite One, LLC is not a member of the U.S. Soccer Federation, whose current policies prohibit its members from offering a truly open competition (Policy 212-1, Section 4a). As such, the Elite One Cup is only possible because of its independence.
      Is the Elite One Cup sanctioned?
      Generally, national championships are not sanctioned, and this is also true for the Elite One Cup. The Elite One Cup is managed and operated by professional staff with extensive experience in the administration of regional and national youth soccer events. Additionally, the Elite One Cup adheres to the operational and procedural standards contained within most sanctioning documents. To learn more, see the 2020-21 Elite One Cup Competition Rules.
      Do accepted teams use their current roster and player cards?
      No. All accepted teams are provided with an Elite One Cup roster, at no cost, to be used throughout the competition.
      Are accepted teams provided with insurance?
      Yes. The Elite One Cup provides medical and general liability insurance coverage at no additional cost to all participants during all Elite One Cup events.
      How much does it cost to play in the Elite One Cup?
      Given the impact of the recent pandemic, the Elite One Cup has waived the team application fee for the 2020-21 competition. Accepted teams only pay the following:
      • U13         $1,350
      • U14         $1,450
      • U15         $1,600
      • U16-19    $1,700
      When is payment due?
      There is no application fee for the Elite One Cup. Accepted teams pay the one-time participation fee in full electronically within 15 days of their acceptance notification.
      How do I apply?
      Your team coach or team manager should visit the Apply page at www.eliteonecup.com to submit an application on behalf of your team.
      How are teams evaluated to determine who gets accepted?
      All team applications are reviewed by the Elite One Cup Selection Committee. Selection Committee members will be announced soon. The Selection Committee is strengthened and supported with the review and analysis of all teams by Tipevo – America’s Youth Sports Directory. Tipevo’s proprietary technology provides detailed analytics in a consistent, methodical, and objective way. The Selection Committee determines which teams are accepted. Each team is evaluated based on several factors including the leagues in which the team plays, tournaments the team attended over the past 12 months, and previous performance.
      Can teams apply to compete in Division I versus Division II?
      Teams apply to participate in the Elite One Cup. The Selection Committee reviews, accepts, and seeds teams. The top 32 teams from each age/gender are placed in Division I and the next 32 teams are placed in Division II. Both divisions play at the same city qualifier locations on the same dates.
      How many teams are accepted to participate in the Elite One Cup?
      A maximum total of 896 teams will be accepted to participate in the 2020-21 Elite One Cup. This equates to four teams in each U13-19 age/gender/division at each of the eight city qualifiers. From the city qualifiers, a total of 112 teams (eight teams in each age/gender) will advance to the National Championship for Division I and another 112 teams will advance to the National Championship for Division II.
      How are teams seeded and placed into city qualifiers?
      Within each division, the Selection Committee ranks accepted teams as either a one, two, three, or four based on the strength of their applications. The seeding model is designed to place the top-ranked teams in different city qualifiers to maintain the integrity of the National Championship and make the event as highly competitive as possible. However, there is also some consideration given to geographic location to minimize travel.
      Can teams indicate a preference to compete in a specific city qualifier?
      Yes. During the application process, teams may indicate their preferred city qualifier locations. Every effort is made to accommodate these requests.
      How many players are allowed on our team's Elite One Cup roster?
      A total of 26 players may be placed on each team's Elite One Cup roster. From this roster, a total of 18 players may be placed on any game day roster. A minimum of eight players must remain common to the team's Elite One Cup roster throughout the competition to maintain continuity. So long as continuity is maintained, changes may be made to each team's Elite One Cup roster at various times throughout the competition. To learn more, see the 2020-21 Elite One Cup Competition Rules.
      What steps are you taking to keep teams safe during the Elite One Cup?
      The Elite One Cup takes health and safety very seriously and recognizes that special considerations need to be made due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Staff continue to monitor guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and maintain communication with state and local leaders to stay abreast of the situation before and during each Elite One Cup event. The Elite One Cup will modify protocol accordingly. For more detailed information, please visit the Safety page on www.eliteonecup.com.
      What happens if my team is accepted to participate but my city qualifier is cancelled?
      If the city qualifier in which your team was scheduled to play is cancelled, the Elite One Cup will work with you to place your team in a future Elite One Cup city qualifier. If, at that time, you opt not to be rescheduled for a future city qualifier, your team will be refunded 80% of the participation fee. Elite One, LLC has also secured hotel cancellation insurance (some exclusions apply) for participants booking through our preferred housing partner and will assist teams in securing reimbursement for hotel reservation cancellations, if eligible.
      Who should I contact if I have questions about the Elite One Cup?
      If you have questions or want more information about the Elite One Cup, please contact the Elite One Cup National Administrator, Katia Sarokon, at ksarokon@eliteonecup.com.
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